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Play Roulette Online at Blackjack Ballroom today!

With an impressive 9 variations of this exciting game on offer at Blackjack Ballroom, every taste of roulette is catered for. From French roulette and American roulette to the exciting multi-player roulette, one thing is for sure - whatever wheel you spin there are enormous jackpots waiting to be hit!

Multi-player Roulette

This exciting variation of the popular game of roulette brings to life a roulette game in an actual casino, with several players betting at the same time and able to look at each other's bets on the roulette table. This heightens the excitement and creates an atmosphere unlike any other online casino game. It is of course totally up to you whether you take any notice of other players' bets, but it is nonetheless an interesting option should you like to take a fly-on-the-wall approach.

European Roulette

Word on the streets is that European roulette has the best odds out of all the roulette games on offer here! With 36 numbers and only one zero, you've got great odds against the house, so bet wisely and you could be taking home a small fortune. The roulette wheel, table and chips have all been recreated to perfection by Microgaming's talented design team, and coupled with realistic sound effects, this game will make you think you're sitting in front of a real roulette table.

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French Roulette

This beautifully designed game features life-like graphics and sounds which allow the player to become immersed in the realistic roulette environment. The objective remains the same as the other roulette variations - to wager on the outcome of the wheel, be it a single number, a series of numbers or the colour red or black. The maximum bet varies on the type of bet you are placing. As always, all rules are available when you click the '?' button within the game.

American Roulette

Here's a payout table from American Roulette. Use it as a guide if necessary, or just follow your nose and place bets using your gut feeling!

American Roulette Payout Table

Possible Bet TypesCoin 1Coin 2Coin 3Coin 4Coin 5
Straight Up Bet3570105140175
Split Bet1734516885
Street Bet1122334455
Square Bet816243240
Five Number Line Bet612182430
Six Number Line Bet510152025
Column Bet246810
Dozen Bet246810
Even Money Bet12345

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