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About Blackjack Ballroom

Blackjack Ballroom is one of the longest running online casinos on the Internet today. It has built up a strong reputation in the online gambling community thanks to its generous $500 sign up bonus, high games payouts, reliable and friendly customer service and high security standards.

If you are looking for somewhere to play the best online blackjack, roulette, video poker and slots, look no further than Blackjack Ballroom. Here's what some of our players have to say about us:

"Blackjack Ballroom was the first online casino I joined, back in 2006, and I haven't ever felt the need to look elsewhere. I was dubious at first - I mean, it seemed too generous that they were offering me $500 for doing nothing but sign up with them! Well, I thought to myself, what can I lose, and a few minutes later I was spinning the roulette wheel ... with their money! $500 gets you a lot of spins of the roulette wheel, I can tell you! ;-) I actually won some money using the $500, which I was able to keep to use after the free hour and play on a much wider variety of games. My favourite is blackjack, and they have so many different variations which I love. Highly recommended! A+"

Konrad H. from Germany


"I have joined several online casinos but I keep coming back to Blackjack Ballroom for one reason - my VIP host. You see, after you play a few times with them, you can earn yourself VIP status, and get a VIP host. It's up to you whether you contact the host, but I ask mine to phone me once a week, just for a chat, and to tell me which games are paying out and such. It makes me remember that even though Blackjack Ballroom is an online casino, all the people working there are real, friendly people like you and me! I chat to my VIP host about new games, video poker tactics (because video poker's my fave game!!), and even just natter about the weather or the latest gossip! I love this personal touch."

Calicy D. the UK


"My first win at Blackjack Ballroom was after a few hours of signing up with them. It wasn't much, but considering I'd won it using the free $500 I got just for signing up, I was pretty chuffed! My favourite game is Mega Moolah which is one of the progressive jackpot slots. Since I've been a member of Blackjack Ballroom, there've been a few jackpot winners on this game. I'm so jealous of them! Especially as they only used really small bets to hit the jackpot! I limit myself to a few spins every Saturday, then a few hands of blackjack on Sundays, then spend the rest of the week dreaming what I could do if I ever hit the jackpot too lol. Even if I never win the big one, it's all good fun though. I'm happy to get small payouts every now and then and just play the games I like to play, when I want - after all, there aren't many real casinos out there which would let you play in your pyjamas lol."

Beverley K. from the UK


"The thing I like about this casino is the variety of online slot games. My faves are Thunderstruck II, Tomb Raider and Hit Man. They all have cool graphics and the payouts have been good to me! I like the fact that you only need a few coins to play any of the games at Blackjack Ballroom – it's really not expensive, and so you can bet as small or as big as you want. I used to play at a casino in town, but now I save my petrol money and drinks money and put it towards a few spins on the online slots instead. It's a lot quieter in my house and I prefer to play alone, away from the smoke and noise. Blackjack Ballroom has been around a while, and I would recommend them to anyone, especially with the $500 sign up bonus they give."

Christian P. from Denmark



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